Protech partners with a consortium of engineers, scientists and business professionals to provide the latest Waste-to-Energy technologies to the oil and energy industry, in the UK and worldwide.

With the ever-tightening financial constraints placed on operating and maintenance budgets, businesses are looking for innovative ways to solve costly, complex and dangerous problems with state-of-the-art technology. Our research and development focus aims to provide high-quality, innovative solutions to the oil and energy industry where safety, environment and cost are critical factors in the success of your project.


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Once we have determined your exact application requirements, our experts can then demonstrate how HCR™ can be applied to deliver results superior to your current method.


HCR™ is administered

Whether you have crude oil sludge in your storage tank, pipeline or oil barge, HCR™ will get to work and recover lost revenue in an environmentally friendly and timely manner.


Bottom line is increased

Once the HCR™ process is complete, your newly acquired on-spec crude oil will be ready to market.


Our Achievements

HCR™ has delivered the following results:

Recovered millions of bbls of crude versus disposing

• Reduced manpower 50%
• Reduced disposal 99%
• Reduced safety risk
• Reduced environmental risk
• Generated revenue from recovered crude
• Cleaned tank extremely well, reduced post clean up 75%
• Reduced cost of cleanout 75%

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